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Part of the goal of my free eBook '7 Critical Decisions You Need To Make To Maximise Your Video Marketing Budget' is to get you thinking about how you are going to make the most out of your production before even contacting a video production company.

At the end of each section I have included a number of questions to get your brain firing and thinking about issues such as 'Am I using the video to boost my SEO?' and 'Where do my target demographic spend their time online?' and many more.  

Before you had to flick to the end of each section and make your own notes separately.  

I have just made this process easier.  

Now when you sign up for my newsletter not only will you receive the eBook but you will also get a 3-page video production worksheet.  The worksheet contains numerous important questions you need to ask yourself before starting every video project.  By taking the time to answer these important questions you will be setting yourself up to get the most out of your investment in video.

More information is included in the download and all of this will make a lot more sense after reading the eBook.

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